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Hong Kong Skating School was founded by Hong Kong short track speed skating pioneer and Winter Olympian Christy Ren, who along with other Hong Kong Team skaters and coaches have a strong passion and shared vision of making short track speed skating in Hong Kong more accessible, to provide more opportunities for students to learn and experience the thrill of short track speed skating and to further develop this high potential sport in Hong Kong.

Learning within a professional, positive and competitive environment, not only can students acquire strong skating skills and technique, they also have the opportunity to develop valuable life skills.

For those who wish to pursue further, these programs build up the foundation to reach elite level.

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What is short track speed skating?
  • Form of competitive ice skating where typically 4-6 skaters race together on the same track to reach the finish line

  • Can reach speeds of up to 50km/h

  • Skaters skate on an oval ice track length: 111.1m (Rink size: 60m x 30m)

  • Olympic events include :
    Mens & Ladies Individual:500m (4.5 laps), 1000m (9 laps), 1500m (13.5 laps)
    Relay: Mens 5000m (45 laps), Ladies 3000m (27 laps), Mixed Relay 2000m (18 laps)

  • In short track, athletes compete not against the clock but against each other meaning strategy, skill and experience are also important elements

  • Short track speed skating equipment include: Helmet, googles, cut-resistant suit, cut-resistant gloves and short track speed skates (uniquely differentiated from typical ice skates by their long blades)

History of short track speed skating
  • Short track was first introduced as a full medal Olympic Winter Games discipline in 1992 at Albertville, after being a demonstration sport at the Calgary 1988 Olympic Winter Games.

  • Short track speed skating was Hong Kong’s Winter Olympics debut sport (the first time Hong Kong qualified for the Winter Olympics!) with first representation at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City (USA)

  • Short track speed skating has since become Hong Kong‘s most represented sport at the Winter Olympics, obtaining qualification for almost every Winter Olympic Games since 2002: 
    2002: Christy Ren, Cordia Tsoi Po Yee

       2006: Han Yue Shuang

       2010: Han Yue Shuang

       2014: Barton Lui

       2022: Sidney Chu

We hope to see more Hong Kong skaters on the international stage in the coming future!

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